Our Headhunting services offer results within weeks, ASER will get you the employee you need, and more importantly the one that will stay hired, all this on time and on budget.  We offer a guarantee  over every talent hired.

We work in 5 steps:


1. Define Client Needs
We analyze the client's organization and develop a full understanding of the position to be filled.
2. Search Strategy
We develop a profile of the individual to be recruited and a search strategy to locate the best possible candidates. Through our industry contacts and our experienced staff, we compile a list of target companies and potential sources that includes universities, companies, and shared contacts with other headhunting companies.
3. Evaluation and Presentation of Candidates
ASER proactively and aggressively recruits prospects on behalf of our client. We identify the best candidates, and we personally interview individuals to determine fit and suitability with the organization. Only the most qualified prospects are presented to our client. For each qualified candidate, we provide a written profile and an assortment of employment tests depending on the position.
4. Client Interviews and Negotiations
We coordinate client-prospect interviews. As our client moves toward a final decision, we help them assess the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, check references on finalist candidates and, if desired, conduct executive assessments and background checks.
5. Follow up
Once the candidate is hired, we work with the client and the new executive to ensure a smooth transition. We help our clients complete their personnel files, apply socioeconomic and medical tests, we provide information about additional benefits like life and medical insurance, working visa permits, family integration to local community, and much more for you new executive.

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