When companies operate in Mexico under the Shelter Services Structure they have no direct legal presence in Mexico, they outsource employer responsibilities of their Mexican workforce to the shelter provider, allowing them to concentrate on their core business processes.

ASER Shelter Services helps companies quickly establish operations in Mexico at reduced costs and lower risk, our experienced team will offer you a tailor-made solution according to your specific needs.

ASER’s Shelter Service will obtain and maintain a Maquila Program, with their respective trade programs (IMMEX, PROSEC, ECEX, ALTEX, etc.), allowing the company to eliminate custom duties and lower logistics costs. Our Shelter Service takes the complexity out of doing business in Mexico and provides companies with full control over their core business functions. A Sheltered Service Provider (SSP) can help American manufacturers establish and maintain a Maquiladora presence in Mexico. Manufacturers can realize as much as 60% savings compared to China.


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